"I love you in waves,
and lately,
everyday has been a hurricane."


IF MY DAUGHTER WANTS TO PLAY WITH DUMP TRUCKS AND WEAR “BOY” SHIRTS THATS HER BUSINESS. A shirt or a toy that’s marketed towards a boy isn’t going to make her gay.

And what if she’s gay?! That’s not gonna make me love her any less.

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17 Apr 14 at 5 pm


3 day weekend got me like…

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3 day weekend got me like…
17 Apr 14 at 5 pm

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mark, my words. *mark brings me my dictionary* thank you mark

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19 Mar 14 at 7 pm



19 Nov 13 at 1 pm

#picstitch 🎀

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#picstitch 🎀


Before you get emotionally invested in me, just know that I’m fucking crazy and I’ll probably say some asshole-ish things and then cry when you get mad at me and I have emotional breakdowns all of the time.  

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11 Nov 13 at 7 pm


Javier Campuzano - Once Upon a Time

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